Teaching and Learning

About Teaching and Learning


The Selma City Schools Department of Teaching and Learning consists of four intra-departments to include the following: department of teaching and learning, learning supports, career technical education, and the department of special education. Teaching and Learning operates under the direction of Selma City Schools Strategic Plan: A Framework for Excellence and the leadership of the superintendent. The targeted goals, strategies, and services provided are in response to SCS achievement data, student needs, identified areas of growth for the professional staff, and the current instructional trends in education. Ultimately, teaching and learning seeks to shape the college and career readiness of all students by promoting good teaching practices, personalized learning, and tailored supports and services for all students.


The mission of the Selma City Schools Department of Teaching and Learning is to support teaching innovation, promote personalized student learning, advance college and career readiness skills, and to enhance the instructional process in schools by providing responsible data-driven professional development; and the alignment of curricula and co-curriculum experiences with assessment, innovations in teaching using evidence-based practices, and the scholarship of teaching with desired student outcomes.


The Department of Teaching and Learning is dedicated to the continual transformation of Selma City Schools into a model school district where placing learning and the learner is first and will champion learning as a lifelong pursuit for both faculty and students.


It is crucial to the success of our students, schools, and community that Selma City Schools is responsible and responsive when meeting the academic, social, and emotional needs of all of learners. The goal is to close the gaps in student achievement, quality of education afforded, and the learning opportunities provided in all schools. The focus of this area and its goals will enable us to systematically measure the degree of progress made towards meeting the needs of every student, every day, in every school.

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