Lunch Program


lunch room Theme

“Tomorrow’s Happily Ever After Starts At Knox”

A Taste Of Food and Fitness.

We are in tune to providing solutions to meet new regulations. We have delicious products that do double duty:

We have fresh fruit & vegetables, flavored milk to promote Healthy Teeth, Gums & Enhance Brain Health. We want your child to be Nutrition smart, which will also promote Digestive Health and contributes to Healthy Weight, Fuels the Brain & Body, Protects the Vision and promotes Strong Bones and Heart Health.
All students EAT FREE!!!


Knox Lunch Schedule
Kindergarten            10:30 a..m.
First Grade                10:30 a.m.
Second Grade           10:30 a.m.
Third Grade                11:30 a.m 
Fourth Grade             11:30 a.m.
Fifth Grade                 11:30  a.m.
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