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S.T.E.A.M. Selma



Woohoo!  We are excited about STEAM education!  Why?  Through STEAM education, scholars developed the skills they need to solve real-world problems!  Scholars develop collaborative, creative, and critical thinking skills as they use the Engineering Design Process to solve challenges with real-world applications.  Scholars can use these problem-solving skills to help solve challenges in their personal life, educational journey, and careers!

 The strategies and philosophies of STEAM education create engaging learning environments that make learning irresistible!   All scholars are individuals and learn in their unique ways.  It is vital to use multiple teaching strategies to reach scholars so they can develop their full potential.  In STEAM-centered education, scholars work in learning environments that are driven by interdisciplinary, inquiry-based curricula.  

 All scholars will complete a Digital Literacy Course every year and have access to Computer Science courses!  All scholars in grades K-8 will complete a computer science program, Tynker Coding, which will enable them to learn to code!  All 9th-12th grade scholars have access to computer science classes at Selma High School.  

 Selma City Schools is preparing our scholars for the exciting opportunities and challenges of the future!   Stay tuned to see our amazing scholars fulfill their potential and change their worlds!

Anne Williamson, STEAM Specialist