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Health Services

As a department within Selma City Schools, Health Services promotes a comprehensive school health program designed to appraise, protect, and promote the health of students. We believe that good health is a prerequisite to learning. Health Services Department is designed to:

  1. Assure access and/or referral to primary health care services
  2. Foster appropriate use of primary health care services
  3. Prevent and control communicable diseases and other health conditions
  4. Manage chronic disease
  5. Provide emergency care for illness or injury
  6. Promote and provide optimum sanitary conditions for a safe school facility
  7. Provide education and counseling opportunities for the promotion and maintenance of individual, family and community health.

Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at 334-419-3075. 

Ira Austin

Ira Austin, RN

How Sick Is "Too Sick" To Attend School?

Children get sick and, as parents, we want our children not to miss any more school that is possible. So how sick is TOO SICK for school?

There are times when you should keep your child away from school. And if the child is sick, you should know that keeping them home improves the time required for getting well. You also reduce the possibility of spreading illness. Here are five types of illness that are reasons for keeping a child home:

Fever - Temperature of 100 or above, child should remain home until fever-free for 24 hours.

Vomiting - Your child should not attend school if they have vomited in the last 12 hours.

Diarrhea - Your child should remain home if they have diarrhea or have had in the last 12 hours.

Undiagnosed Rash - Your child should not attend school until rash has been diagnosed and treated. It could be measles, chicken pox or some other contagious disease. 

Pink Eye (conjunctivitis) - This is very contagious. Your child should be treated before returning to school.

Then there are times when your child looks and feels like he/she is too ill to study or learn in school. If so, there is no point in being at school.