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Saints Virtual Academy

Saints Virtual Academy Teacher of The Year

Denisha Streeter

Mrs. Denisha Streeter got her academic start in the rural town of Ashland, Alabama. After excelling in band, and winning numerous awards in cheerleading, softball, and academics, this student-athlete graduated with honors from Clay County High School in Ashland, AL in the spring of 2000. She attended Jacksonville State University on a Leadership Scholarship and received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology from there in 2004.  In the spring of 2010, Mrs. Streeter entered the Master of Arts in Elementary Education program at The University of Phoenix Arizona.  She completed the master’s program, magna cum laude, with a 4.0 GPA in 2012. 


Now in her 9th year of teaching, this wife, mother, and Lupus Warrior is still a passionate and thriving educator fighting relentlessly for the future of her scholars!  Each year brings new challenges, new adventures, and new successes.  Her teaching philosophy remains the same; her purpose is to do everything within her God-given ability to promote, encourage, and sustain student growth and development in her classroom and beyond, and to positively impact every child within her reach. -No Excuses!