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About Us

District Information as of 2022

Why work in Selma City Schools?

●      We put students and teachers first!

●      We are getting back to the basics!

●      Our teachers are not overwhelmed with curriculum

●      We have streamlined paperwork and deliverables

●      No overbearing central office

●      We have reduced class-sizes

●      We have a strong Mentoring Program

●      We offer stipends  ($7500.00 possible)

●      We have a state of the art high school facility

●      We are expanding extracurriculars and sports

●      We have 1:1 technology K-12

●      We offer wrap-around services for employees and students (therapy, outreach, SEL, therapy, social emotional support,)

●      Our Special Education Program has 3 adaptive PE rooms, specialized curriculum, strong district support, monthly collaborative meetings built-in to help minimize paperwork

●      We have self-care and wellness rooms for employees at every school with special activities to promote self-care for teachers

●      We offer after school programs at most of our schools

●      We have a Culinary Arts Food Truck

●      We have a Model PreK site for the state

●      We are a family-oriented environment


The mission of the Selma City School District is to provide a safe and supportive teaching and learning environment, through the collaboration and partnerships of parents and community.


The vision of the Selma City School District is to be documented as a model school district where students are empowered through academic excellence to achieve success throughout life.

Our Core Values

  • STUDENTS FIRST: We put the needs of ALL our scholars first and serve the whole-child.     
  • EXCELLENCE: We have high expectations of ourselves and expect to be held accountable to produce exemplary outcomes.   
  • TEAMWORK: We believe that we are stronger together and that our greatest asset is our collective vision and ability to work collaboratively.
  • JOY: We believe in our work and will enthusiastically celebrate the success of Team Selma.
  • EQUITY: We are intentional about eliminating opportunity gaps and removing barriers to ensure every scholar succeeds.
  • INTEGRITY: WE do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.   


Our Beliefs

The  following  principles  guide  the  Selma  City  School  System  in  its responsibility to provide a quality education for each child:


  • Learning places for children and teaching places for adults should be safe, healthy, and orderly environments.
  • The highest quality of teaching should be evident every day through a rigorous/challenging curriculum and relevant applications of content standards.
  • Every child has the ability to learn and should be afforded equitable learning opportunities.
  • Early learning is a critical component for success in school.
  • Parental, family, and community engagement offer necessary resources and support systems in order to develop students into responsible citizens.
  • The process of making decisions based upon scientifically-based data yield high quality outcomes.
  • Continuous improvement through data analysis, strategic planning, and performance assessments embodies a commitment to excellence.
  • A focus on the responsible use of resources and support systems for facilities, materials, tools, personnel creates opportunities for optimal teaching and learning.
  • Student involvement in service learning develops responsible citizens for society.
  • Integrity in leadership and governance builds public confidence in the mission of the school system.



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