R. B. Hudson STEAM Academy

R. B. Hudson Teacher of The Year

Monica Russell

Monica Russell is a 7th grade math teacher at R.B. Hudson STEAM Academy and a native of Selma, AL. As an advocate for student success, she is determined to ensure that students gain the knowledge and skills to prepare them beyond tomorrow. With the advancement of technology and unknown future advancements, she believes students should have the opportunity to learn in a classroom that has high expectations, embraces change, encourages innovation, and fosters creativity. She firmly believes that students have the ability to be great (regardless of background) if they are given opportunities to form ideas, think, and are held to high expectations.
Although Ms. Russell did not start her career in teaching, she discovered her passion and purpose as an educator. She strives daily to motivate and inspire students to dream big. She uses her skills as a Master Level Social Worker to build relationships with families and students to create productive learning environments, where all students can excel. She also uses her skills gained as a social worker to advocate for students and other teachers, secure resources, and create sound solutions.
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