Certified Positions

Certified Employment

Application Procedure:
Selma City Schools accept applications through the official recruitment website for Alabama's schools, TeachInAlabama, http://www.alsde.edu/TeachInAlabama. If you have any supporting documents (resume, photograph, teaching certificate, references), please attach electronically to this application.
All Selma City Schools Employees will apply for all advertised positions at www.selmacityschools.org.

Candidates must be certified and highly qualified according to "No Child Left Behind"

Here are the steps for applying within our school system:

Step 1: Create an account

Step 2: Complete your application - make sure you fill out the application in detail:

Personal Information - please make sure you provide a permanent address (relatives) if you anticipate a change in residence within in a year. It is your responsibility to notify Selma City Schools of any change of address or telephone number.

Position Desired
- please complete the grade/level/subject(s) you wish to teach

Educational Experience - report chronological order, beginning with most recent position, a full-time teaching and administrative experience including teaching in accredited colleges. Report work as substitute teacher under "General Employment History".

Professional Preparation - please include graduate hours about the current degree awarded. Applicants with less than three years of teaching experience are required to fill in the student teaching section.

- It is your responsibility to secure and forward to this office a copy of your Alabama's teacher's certificate. Applicants graduating from institutions outside the state of Alabama should complete an Application for Alabama Certification and forward it with all other required credentials to the Alabama State Department of Education, P. O. Box 302101, Montgomery, AL 36130-2101.(An application for Alabama Certification can be attained from https://tcert.alsde.edu/Portal/Public/Pages/News.aspx

Professional References
- Beginning teachers are urged to use college/university placement files containing references from supervising teachers and administrators, please refrain from using college professors/supervisors. Experienced teachers should send references to present and former principals and/or supervisors.

If you are applying for a Certified Administrative position, select Preview Administrator Application.

If you are applying for any of the following Certified position: Teacher, Counselor, Library, Media Specialist, Psychometrist, Reading Coach, Speech Language Pathologist, select Preview Certified Application.

Step 3:
Apply for Open Position

Personal Interview: Completed application will be considered for a position. Interviews are set up as vacancies occur within the school system. You should keep in mind that usually several applicants are interviewed for each vacancy in the school system.
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