Bullying Information

Bullying Prevention Guidelines


Complaint Form

§ Must be posted on district website and each school’s website

§ Must be available in the school’s front office

§ Must be included in each school’s student handbook

Bullying Prevention Guidelines:

=       Annual Presentation to Students and Faculty

o   Behavior expected of students

o   Explanation that incidents that occur on or off campus should be reported

o   Definitions

o   Reporting Procedures

o   Where to find the form

o   Who can submit

o   How to submit

o   Investigative Process

o   Prohibition of retaliation

o   Consequences for false accusations

o    Explanation of graduated consequences for bullying (from Student Code of Conduct)

o   Information on available resources

o   Encourage reporting of bullying incidents

=       Peer Mediation Team

o   Organization, purpose, and task of this team should be school-specific.

=       Faculty/Student Committee

o   Meet at least once each semester

o   Review and discuss bullying and make recommendations to administration regarding

§ School Climate

§ Safety

§ Bullying

=       Whole group guidance lesson(s) regarding bullying

=       Bullying Prevention Campaign


=       Must be kept for all required elements of the Bullying Prevention Program

=       Can be filed by the school counselor in his/her counseling binder

=       Must be made available upon request by the district office and/or ALSDE



Persons Responsible

=       Complaint Form

o   School Administrator or Designee

=       Program

o   Annual Presentation

§ School Administrator

o   Peer Mediation Team

§ School Administrator or Designee

o   Faculty/Student Committee

§ School Administrator or Designee

o   Whole group guidance lesson(s)

§ School Counselor(s)

o   Bullying Prevention Campaign

§ School Counselor(s)

=       Documentation

o   School Administrator, Designee, and/or Counselor(s)

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