About Us


The mission of the Selma City School District is to provide a safe and supportive teaching and learning environment, through the collaboration and partnerships of parents and community.


The vision of the Selma City School District is to be documented as a model school district where students are empowered through academic excellence to achieve success throughout life.

Our Core Values

  • STUDENTS FIRST: We put the needs of ALL our scholars first and serve the whole-child.     
  • EXCELLENCE: We have high expectations of ourselves and expect to be held accountable to produce exemplary outcomes.   
  • TEAMWORK: We believe that we are stronger together and that our greatest asset is our collective vision and ability to work collaboratively.
  • JOY: We believe in our work and will enthusiastically celebrate the success of Team Selma.
  • EQUITY: We are intentional about eliminating opportunity gaps and removing barriers to ensure every scholar succeeds.
  • INTEGRITY: WE do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.   

Our Beliefs
The  following  principles  guide  the  Selma  City  School  System  in  its responsibility to provide a quality education for each child:

  • Learning places for children and teaching places for adults should be safe, healthy, and orderly environments.
  • The highest quality of teaching should be evident every day through a rigorous/challenging curriculum and relevant applications of content standards.
  • Every child has the ability to learn and should be afforded equitable learning opportunities.
  • Early learning is a critical component for success in school.
  • Parental, family, and community engagement offer necessary resources and support systems in order to develop students into responsible citizens.
  • The process of making decisions based upon scientifically-based data yield high quality outcomes.
  • Continuous improvement through data analysis, strategic planning, and performance assessments embodies a commitment to excellence.
  • A focus on the responsible use of resources and support systems for facilities, materials, tools, personnel creates opportunities for optimal teaching and learning.
  • Student involvement in service learning develops responsible citizens for society.
  • Integrity in leadership and governance builds public confidence in the mission of the school system.

Our Framework for Excellence

COVID-19 Strategic Plan 


2018 - 2023

Strategic Goals and Objectives
Goal 1: Ensure all students are prepared for grade-level success, college, and career readiness through high-quality teaching and focused experiences for intellectual and social development.
•   Objective  1:  Develop  annual  performance  benchmarks  to  promote  systematic achievement growth and success for all  students
•   Objective 2: Ensure equitable access to rigorous standards-based instruction and strategic teaching
•   Objective  3:  Provide  targeted  and  personalized  professional  development  for instructional staff

Goal 2: Enhance the supports and opportunities for engagement in schools for all stakeholders
•   Objective 1: Ensure schools are physically and emotionally safe from perceived and actual threats
•   Objective 2: Develop positive relationships with stakeholders to promote diversity and inclusion as well as involvement and
                            participation across Selma City School district

Goal 3: Strategically and efficiently allocate human and fiscal resources to ensure long-term viability within the district
•   Objective 1: Actively recruit, hire, and retain a qualified and diverse workforce
•   Objective  2:  Ensure  every  school  and  every  department has highly  effective 
                              instructional leaders
•   Objective 3: Provide ongoing, job-embedded responsive professional learning for all staff to 
                            improve overall performance
•   Objective 4: Continue to maintain a minimum of one-months reserve in general fund
Goal 4: Streamline the district’s geographic footprint to ensure a more equitable distribution of resources, more efficient operations, and to enhance the current technology infrastructure, equipment, and devices available in schools
•   Objective  1: Systematically analyze  and  review facilities to  support  services  for improved district outcomes
•   Objective  2:  Provide  technologies  that  operate  efficiently,  enrich  programs  and improve district outcomes

Goal 5: Provide support for the physical, emotional, and mental wellness of all scholars and staff. 
  • Objective 1: Provide  technologies  that  operate  efficiently,  enrich  programs  and improve district outcomes

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