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Star Academy

Selma City Schools dropout intervention program 

The Star Academy is a school-within-a-school program for disengaged students, typically overage 7th-9th grade students who have previously failed one or more grades. Students participate in learning experiences that utilize non-traditional instructional methods to complete up to two grades in one year.

The program employs standards-based curriculum in science, mathematics, English, and social studies. Students navigate through a rigorous progression of varied instructional methods incorporating hands-on, real-world learningexperiences, individualized instruction, team instruction, and personal development.

In addition to the innovative curriculum, teachers and students are taught how to communicate productively and work together as a team in a safe, happy, and productive environment. The Star Academy successfully re-engages students who may have experienced personal, academic, or social challenges in their lives. The program provides these students with an opportunity to recapture a sense of purpose, regain their self-esteem, and succeed academically.

STAR Academy Goals

1. Provide intensive and accelerated academic instruction with support in a positive, small group environment

2. Maintain rigor in all courses

3. Increase socially acceptable behaviors and positive attitudes

4. Enhance relevance to education through career and technical

5. Increase intrinsic motivation and responsibility by fostering adult-student relationships through mentoring and counseling

6. Assist students in developing academic skills and social skills that will lead to future success

7. Work to eliminate barriers to academic success

Selection Criteria for Fall 2019 Students

A. 7th grade students who are a minimum of one year over the traditional age of a seventh grade student and have failed a previous grade. These students would be eligible 8th graders as they start Fall 2019.

B. Current eighth grade students who are in jeopardy of being retained in the eighth grade. It is O.K. if they already failed a previous grade as long as they qualify under all other criteria.

C. READING: The student can read at the 5th grade level or above.

D. The student has not been expelled from a school within the last year.

E. The student is able to work independently and in cooperative learning groups to complete computer-based learning activities.

F. The student and parents must attend orientation and group interview sessions.

G. The student and parents are willing to sign a disciplinary contract that outlines expected behavior and consequences, as well as an academic contract that outlines expected academic performance.

H. The student’s current discipline record does not reflect chronic disciplinary issues that may prohibit collaboration with other students.

I. Student history should be reviewed for any involvement of school intervention teams that suggest a learning disability (RTI, SPED, IEP). A notation regarding special services does not preclude a student from participation in Star Academy, but will help to determine if the Star Academy is a good fit for the student.

Posted Wednesday, September 11, 2019