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Excellence Awards

Recognizing  School Advancements in Performance

Dear Parents andCommunityMembers,


TEAM SELMA recentlreceived its letter gradeof “C” frothe Alabama State Department of Education as parof the new Alabama UnifiedReport. This is an increase from the previous year, so we have cause to celebrate!

This grade reflects severalfactors, including academic achievement, academic growth, chronic absenteeism, as well asthe graduation rate ancollegeand careerreadiness forSelma HighSchool.


Our letter grade is important for severalreasons. Although it is important to understand a letter grade is a snapshot ohow a school is performing,itdoes show areas in which we are doinwell, as well as areas in which we need to improve. The information provided onthe Alabama State Report Card’s dashboard is displayed in a way that makes it easto understandthe districts performance.


You can finthe AlabamaState Report Card, and muchmore information at


Of course, ongraddoesn’t tell the whole story. We hope the gradwill addtoucommunity

discussion abouhow to constantly improvour schoolsregardless of where it fallsonthgrading scale.


We are currently developing Academies of Academic Excellence in our elementary schools, and infusing our curriculum with STEAM and STEM activities throughout the district. We have begun a 1:1 computer initiative at R. B. Hudson this year, so every student has access to a computer to use. This will broaden the learning experiences for our students, which can only help to increase our letter grade going forward.


We hopyou will view thisgrade as a way to becommore involved in Selma City Schools.You can assist by becomingmoreinvolved—TEAM SELMA invites you to be a part of the process. See our website for more information on how you can help.


Together we can strive forexcellence in all areas oeducation.



Avis Williams, Superintendent


Congratulations to the Excellence Awards recipients! 

Posted Tuesday, January 8, 2019