Attendance Matters, Everyday.

Many parents don’t realize how quickly school absences can add up, influencing their children’s ability to become good readers, to keep up with math or even affect the likelihood they will be held back.

Some school districts didn’t know it either because, until recently, most states weren’t using excused absences as a measure of school success.

In the late spring of 2018, the U.S. Department of Education released the Civil Rights Data Collection for the 2015-16 school year. This was the second time that all public schools were required to report all absences, regardless of reason. The numbers were high — more than 15 percent of all students nationwide were chronically absent.

The marked surge could be because of more thorough reporting, but it’s also surfacing as a critical issue that deserves closer attention.

Let's make sure that Selma City Schools students are on the right side of the statistics!  Make your your children and the kids in your neighbor hood get to school every day and get there on time each day.  Every minute lost by not being in class widens the achievement gap.  Selma,We need to close the gap and make our schools the shiney jewels we know they can be.  Our students deserve it.

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