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STI Parent Portal

New Secure Login for Parents requires double login.  You will need to login to the Selma City Secure Web Portal using the these credentials (User Name = parentaccess, Password =Letmein!)

Then you will have access to the Parent Portal, and can use the user name and password provided to you from your childs school.

InformationNOW - Parent Portal

About this Guide

This Quick Reference Guide provides an overview of the options available through a parent/guardian login to InformationNOW.

Note: Depending on how a student's school utilizes InformationNOW, some of the following options may not be available.


To obtain a parent/guardian login to InformationNOW, please contact the school. Users must receive a user name and password, as well as the Web site URL, to access the program.

• To log in, open a Web browser window.

• Go to the Web site URL as given by the school to access InformationNOW.

• Enter the User Name and Password.

• Click Login.

o The first time a user logs in, it may be necessary to reset the password for security purposes.

o If necessary, enter the old password. Then enter the new password and retype it in the space provided. Click OK to save the changes.

Note: If the user has forgotten the password and has an e-mail address on file with the school, click the Forgot your password? link. Enter the user name and the last four digits of the Social Security Number on file. The password will be e-mailed to the user's account. If further assistance is needed, please contact the school.

Home Page

The home page will initially display, listing all announcements for the school and/or district. Some announcements may include a hyperlink to more details.

The user may also use the Logout option in the upper right hand corner to exit InformationNOW. It is recommended that users exit InformationNOW when finished to protect confidential information.

Selecting a Different Child

If the user has more than one child enrolled in a school in the district, click the drop-down list in the upper right hand corner to select a different student.

Selecting a Different Academic Session

Each year a student is enrolled in a school in the district, he or she is enrolled in a different academic session (school year). Click the drop-list to select a different year and view grades, discipline, etc. for that year.

School Calendar

To view the school calendar, click the School Calendar link at left. By default, the events and attendance days will display for the current school/academic session and month.


Non-attendance days appear in gray. Events appear as a blue link. Regular attendance days appear with the type of day and hours of operation.

• Month: To view a different month, either select the month from the available list or use the navigation arrows to scroll to the previous or next month.

• Events: To view events only, bullet the Events option. Events such as sporting activities will display. To view the details of the event, click the name of the event that appears as a blue link (ex.: Sport Awards Banquet).

• Schedule: To view attendance days only, bullet the Schedule option. Attendance days will display with the hours of operation for that day. For schools that have a rotating schedule, the appropriate day code will display (ex.: A DayB DayRed DayGreen Day). For schools with a traditional schedule type, the name of the day (ex.: Regular DayEarly Dismissal) will display.

• Both: To view data for both events and schedule, bullet the Both option.


Student Information


Click the Attendance link on the left to view attendance details, including DateTermPeriodsLevel (All DayHalf DayTardy), ReasonCategory (ExcusedUnexcused) and Notes.

• To view details, click the date of the absence.

• All absences for the year will display by default. To view only one term, select the term from the list.

• Click the link to View Period Absences.

• Click the link to View Check In/Out records.

Demographic Information

Click the Demographic link on the left to view the student's demographic data, including PersonalOrigin/ResidencyAddress(s)Identification and Services.

If any information is incorrect, please contact the school office.


Click the Discipline link on the left to view the student's discipline records, including DateInfractionInfraction Occurrence (i.e., if this is the 3rd violation for skipping, a number 3 will display), DemeritsDispositionDisposition Occurrence (i.e., if this is the 3rd Saturday detention, a number 3 will display) and Date. Click the date to view the details of the discipline record.


Click the Grades link on the left to view the student's grade information, including the CourseTeacherPeriod(s), AverageActivities or grading period (i.e., 1st 9 weeks) grade Details.

• Grading Period: Click the drop-down arrow to select a different grading period.

• A: Click to view the individual activities and details for this class, such as homework assignments, quiz or test grades. Click the sign next to an activity to view the details. Click the Progress Report button to print a report for this class.

Note: InformationNOW utilizes Adobe Acrobat Reader to display reports. In order to view or print these reports, the user may need to install the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, available at

• D: Click to view report card grades for the selected grading period and class.


Click the Requests link on the left to view any course requests for the selected academic session (school year). To insert a new request, click Add. Enter search criteria and click Next. If no criteria are selected, all courses will display. Place a check next to the course(s) to request and click Create. Requests will be entered in a status of Pending until approved by the school. Requests will display in a status of Pending (Awaiting Approval - P), Approved (A) or Rejected (R). If the request has not yet been approved or rejected by the school, the user may delete it by placing a check next to the request and clicking Delete.


Click the Schedule link on the left to view the student's schedule, including the Course NameTeacherPeriod(s) of day, DaysTerms and Room. To view only one term of courses, select the term from the list.


Note: InformationNOW utilizes Adobe Acrobat Reader to display reports. In order to view or print these reports, the user may need to install the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, available at

To generate a report, select it from the list on the left, then select the grading period (if available) and click View Report.

• Comprehensive Progress: A list of activity grades such as homework, quizzes or tests.

• Report Card: A report of the student's report card grades, such as quarter grades and comments.

• Standards Report Card: A standards-based report card including marks for certain standards such as Able to tie shoes or Able to evaluate mathematic strategies of others.

• Unofficial Transcript: A student's unofficial transcript.


System Preferences Alerts

As a guardian, the user may elect to .

Go Green participants will receive an e-mail from the school announcing when reports such as report cards or progress reports are available for viewing online.

Note: A printed report will not be sent to Go Green participants.

To Go Green, go to System Preferences | Settings. Enter a primary e-mail address and check the  box.

An e-mail will be sent from the school when an electronic version of a report is ready. To view the report, log in to InformationNOW and choose Students | Student Information. Choose the student and school year to view. Under the Reports link on the left, click the report to view.


Enter the primary e-mail address for the school to use for announcements and other information.

Change Password

To change the password used to log in to InformationNOW, enter the new password and then retype the password in the field provided. Passwords must meet the following criteria:

• Must be a minimum of eight alpha-numeric characters in length.

• Must contain at least one number and one letter.

• Cannot be passwordpassadministrator or admin.

• Cannot be same as username.

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