About the School

Mission Statement

Edgewood Elementary Mission Statement

The mission at Edgewood Elementary School is to help each child, regardless of his potential, reach his utmost scholastically and develop socially to the point that may become a productive, self-disciplined, highly motivated, responsible individual.

Edgewood Elementary School "Believe"

We believe that in order to achieve the best possible education for our children there must be communication, understanding, and cooperation between the school and the home.

We believe in the value of public education. Within this structure we realize the importance of flexibility so as to meet the needs of ever-changing world, diversity within our educational program, and continuous self-evaluation through critical analysis.

We believe in the value of the development of self discipline, whereby the child is able to perform to the best of his/her ability in any situation regardless of the obstacle present in our world today.

We believe that a healthy child performs best; therefore we strongly support physical and health education activities that will help develop physical coordination.

We believe that the basic purpose of the school today is to give training and practice in the skills, attitudes, understanding, backgrounds, and knowledge necessary for the maintenance and promotion of a democratic life in America.

We believe that a child's parent or guardian must be an active participant in the child's educational process by providing time, resources, and opportunities at home for study and discussion.

Finally, we believe that we have the added responsibility through scholarly precept and enthusiastic example to influence students to love learning so that they will remain eager, curious, and open to discovery beyond the years of formal education.

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