Williamson, Anne

Computer Essentials and Computer Programming

Mrs. Anne Williamson, instructor

M.A., B.S., The University of Alabama

anne.williamson@selmacityschools.org • 334.874.1675

1701 Summerfield Road, Selma, Al 36701

Planning Period: 11:10-12:15

Course Title: Computer Essentials

Program: Business Management and Administration


Biography: Mrs. Williamson was honored to be selected as "Selma City Schools Teacher of the Year, Secondary, 2017-2018." She is the Instructional Technology Specialist at R. B. Hudson Middle School and teaches Computer Essentials, Introduction to Computer Programming, and Yearbook.  She is the Technology Coordinator and Future Business Leaders of America sponsor. Mrs. Williamson is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and a graduate of the University of Alabama.  She holds Master of Art and Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of Alabama. Her certifications include Business, Management and Administration, Family and Consumer Science, English Language Arts, Class A Secondary Education, and Elementary Education.  She enjoys teaching middle school students and is looking forward to a awesome school year!      


Course description: The Computer Essentials course instructional content is designed for students in Grades 6, 7, or 8 to master basic skills in the areas of word processing, database management, spreadsheet applications, multimedia presentations, and Internet research. Reading, mathematics, and communication skills are reinforced throughout this course. Rigorous instruction is provided to equip learners with knowledge and skills for college and career readiness. Extended learning experiences to enrich and enhance instruction is reinforced through learner participation in career and technical student organizations (FBLA). *ALSDE

Introduction to Programming: Students learn basic coding and programming concepts.

Course Goals

* Exhibit proper use of basic computer components

* Demonstrate correct procedure for basic computer and printer maintenance

* Demonstrate correct data input techniques with acceptable speed and accuracy.

* Utilize word processing skills

* Use spreadsheet software to create, save, open, edit, and print a workbook or worksheet.

* Create a database file.

* Demonstrate procedures for creating, saving, retrieving, and delivering multimedia presentations.

* Demonstrate use of the Internet in business.

* Utilize research results to determine career and entrepreneurial opportunities, responsibilities, and educational and credentialing requirements in entry-level information technology professions.

* Analyze information technology for its impact on society.

* Describe ethical considerations resulting from technological advances

FBLA - Future Business Leaders of America

Future Business Leaders of America applications are available now in class from Mrs. Williamson!

Assignments - Week of January 2019.

 This is the classwork for this week.  All of your assignments are on Google Classroom.   Homework: Complete classwork

Week of January 2019:

Tuesday -  Computer Programming and Yearbook

Complete Nearpod: Rules and Procedures review.  There will be a quiz Wednesday on Rules and Procedures.                        Homework: Study for Test

Wednesday - Computer Programming and Yearbook: Rules and Procedures Review Test.

Computer Programming: Classwork: complete programming project #1 (complete for hw if not finished)

Yearbook: Tag all photos in your folder.  Finish for homework if not completed in class. 

Thursday -  Computer Programming: Complete programming project #2 - complete for homework if not finished in class,

Yearbook: Move all tagged photos in your folder to the correct folder.  Complete for homework if not finished in class.  Take your community support letters home.  Due: Three ad papers and 3 commuunity sponsor lines.  DO NOT ask strangers, only family, friends, and businesses with which your family does business!  They are due Friday, January 11th.

Friday - Computer Programming: Complete Quizlet concerning computer programming.   Complete for homework if not finished.

Yearbook: Add photos to the page you are assigned.  Complete for homework if not finished in class.    

FBLA - Election Thursday - 1st period

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