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Jacqueline Lucy

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Jacqueline Lucy knew at the tender age of ten she wanted to become a teacher. In the fifth grade, Jacqueline had two teachers that inspired and impacted her more than any other. She knew she want to impact and inspire children as well. She has been a teacher with the Selma City School system for eleven years. Jacqueline Lucy graduated from Concordia College with an Associate of Arts degree in Early Childhood in 2005. Jacqueline graduated with honors.

The following year, Jacqueline graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. In 2009, Jacqueline received her Masters of Education degree from the University of West Alabama. Jacqueline has been teaching at the School of Discovery for ten years. Jacqueline is a 2010 Golden Apple Award winner with WAKA. She also won the Make a Difference Award in 2016.

When she was in high school, Jacqueline participated in the tutoring program for younger children. As she grew older, she developed even a greater love and passion for teaching. Jacqueline has inspired others to go to school, and complete their degree in education.

Jacqueline believes that teaching is a profession that many people do not know or understand the depth of the profession. Teachers are more than just a facilitator of a classroom. Teaching goes beyond the classroom. It is Jacqueline’s belief that teachers wear many hats and play various roles in a child’s life. As an education, teachers serve as parents, counselors, nurses, ministers, mentors, and role models.

When she is not teaching, Jacqueline enjoys spending time with her children Itesha and Moses, Jr. She also enjoys working in church, cooking, reading, and walking in her neighborhood. Jacqueline is overwhelmed that she is able to fulfill one of her biggest dreams.

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