About Closing Schools

  1. Why is Selma City Schools considering closing schools? Our district and city have lost enrollment and population over the years. We want to provide a world-class education for all students and having fewer buildings will give us a greater opportunity to do so.
  2. How will staffing be handled at the impacted schools?  This is not a reduction in force.  Staffing will be handled by our Human Resources team.  Individual conferences will be held with employees as needed to help determine staffing assignments.  Student numbers and needs will inform final staffing decisions.  
  3. When will teachers know specifically where they will be placed?  Employees will be notified between April and May of their 2018-19 assignments.   
  4. Who is going to move teachers’ belongings?   The Director of Operations will oversee this process and arrange to have items moved.  We will seek input from teachers and staff and share the final plan in March.   
  5. Why was Cedar Park Elementary School chosen out of all the other elementary schools?  The proximity and the space availability at Edgewood were key factors.  Although there are other aging buildings and schools with small enrollments, those factors were instrumental in the decision.   
  6. Do you anticipate any rezoning of schools?  Rezoning is a future consideration so that we can balance our school enrollments but there is currently no discussion being held on this.   
  7. Will talking with the community make it possible for Cedar Park to remain open?  Not necessarily.  We currently operate more schools than what our enrollment should support.  We have as much unused learning space as we do used space making closing schools necessary.   
  8. What will we do with the facility (Cedar Park)?  The facility will be maintained until it is determined if we will sell or use the facility for some other purpose.
  9. Will students be transported to Edgewood?  What are the guidelines?  Yes, we will provide bus transportation.  The primary pick-up location will be Cedar Park.  One or possibly two other locations will be determined based on need.  Specific pick-up locations and times will be shared in July.   
  10. How will the changes affect uniform colors at R.B. Hudson? A method of student input regarding the mascot, colors, uniforms, etc., will be devised and implemented
  11. What is a STEAM Academy and what will this mean for students?  STEAM is Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.  The STEAM Academy at R.B. Hudson will feature innovative education that is crucial to prepare our students for the global workforce.  STEAM learning is a hot topic right now and the STEAM Academy at R.B. Hudson will ensure that Selma City Schools are on the cutting edge!   
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