Curriculum and Instruction

Welcome to the Curriculum and Instruction Department

The Selma City Schools Curriculum and Instruction Office (CIO) is a vital part to the educational success of our students!

The major responsibilities of the CIO is to administer educational programs that support the comprehensive learning of all students and to provide technical assistance to schools.

These responsibilities include:
  • determining, promoting, supervising, and coordinating district wide educational programs
  • developing, revising, and implementing various policies, procedures, and protocols that support student learning
  • reviewing educational programs in schools to ensure collaboration of all resources for optimal student learning

It is our belief that:

  • The highest quality of teaching should be evident every day through a rigorous/challenging curriculum and relevant applications of content standards.
  • Every child has the ability to learn and should be afforded equitable learning opportunities.

With this belief, we will continue to forge ahead towards EXCELLENCE!

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