The Vision of Selma City Schools Athletic Department

The Selma City Schools Athletic Department oversees athletic competition for all high schools and middle schools. A strong sports program is a vital part of student life and provides a balance with academics, which the students need for a well-rounded experience. Student athletics need, physical exercise and learn to work together as a team. The programs offered by the system have a responsibility not only to the athletes, but also to the community.

Participation in interscholastic athletics is a privilege to be granted to those students who meet the minimum standards of eligibility. The Selma City School System must be in compliance with the Alabama High School Athletic Association. It serves as a reference for administrators, coaches, and other school personnel on issues pertaining to athletics.

Our athletic program provides the best possible programs for students in the system. Our middle school program introduces our student athletes to fundamentals of each sport. Students at this level become competitive and start to set goals. It serves as a foundation for each athletes possible potential. Once our students have completed a successful middle school program, their role in the program is clear.

The academic performance of the student athlete should be administered in accordance to the AHSAA. Our students, coaches, and teachers are expected to perform at even higher standards. Each athlete has to accept the academic challenges also. Educating our students through competition in sports is a goal. However, the success of the program is not complete if the student does not compete in the classroom.

The Department of Athletics is ready to assist and support each and every student athlete so that each of them has the best sports experience possible. We recognize our community wants to play an important role and help support our efforts. The success of our program takes participation from the parents, sponsors, and former athletes. So to our athletes, let's go out there and win! GO SAINTS & GO BULLDOGS!

Christopher Raymond
Athletic Director
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